About Us

The FEE and Pegnel Resources Group (“the Group”) is a group of affiliate companies focused on coal and energy exploration and development within the Asia and Pacific region. We have a long association with the coal and energy industry from project generation, exploration, development and mining through to corporate and project evaluation. Our companies and our people have considerable experience throughout the Asia and Pacific Region with current exploration programs in New Zealand and Brunei.


Beyond the raw use of coal for energy and coking properties, we see the future of coal as being in its chemistry and the processes that can convert coal into a range of products with growing demand, such as fertilizers and liquid fuels.


Our geological and exploration expertise lies in the knowledge and experience of our management team in coal exploration and development projects and our extensive network and access to professionals across the mining industry. Our companies have a long and demonstrated history of producing successful exploration results achieved by designing work programs specific for the area under investigation and closely managing, monitoring and assessing the progression of exploration at each stage of the program.


Our key people have worked on exploration, development and mining projects in Australia, New Zealand, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and USA and have a particularly intimate knowledge of the geology and coal prospectively of South East Asia and the issues that coal miners face operating in the region. We also have a close association with key professionals and operators in the region who we work with when required.


In all countries that we work in, the Group and our staff are respectful of the host country and its community and we apply the highest standard of ethical, environmental, and OH&S standards. Our people come from a diverse background of cultures and we are proud to have the diversity in experience and skills that they bring and wherever possible, the Group seeks to employ local staff and source local supplies.


Complementing the Group’s extensive mining and exploration background is our experience in research, business and financial evaluation and administration which gives the Group the back office and business support required to achieve the objects of each project. We have also worked in a number of projects with merchant bankers and financial advisers.